Packing Service

man packing a box

What is the worst thing about moving? Most people initially say all the heavy lifting, but that’s before they realize they have to get everything in boxes and ready to lift. Home packing isn’t an easy job, though many people believe that they are qualified to pack their whole home. It takes a lot of skill to know what products go well together, how to get everything to fit easily and make sure that breakable or fragile items are safe while being packed away, transported, and brought into the new place. Thanks to our packing services in Barrie, you don’t have to worry. 

How We’re Different

While we’re like any moving company, we know that packing services in Barrie rarely get enough attention. Most people assume that it is covered in their moving price and many companies don’t include such a vital service in the price they quote. We make sure that we visit your Barrie home to assess your needs, talk to you about all your options, and ensure that we ask if you want us to pack your home for you. While you’re free to make the decision, you’re likely to ask us to pack and move everything to take all the stress off you during this difficult time.

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Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you shortly! Or call us by phone (705) 300-0095. Weekdays 8 am-10 pm Weekends 9 am-7 pm