12 Tips for Moving Across Canada

Moving can be a major step at any stage in your life, especially if you find yourself relocating far away from your current area of residence. Here are some tips to ensure your big move across Canada goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Beware of Rogue Movers

Rogue movers usually have a powerful web presence, but the reality is that they provide unskilled labour and a lower standard of service. These companies may even try to demand more money from you before agreeing to offload your possessions at your new residence.

So, how can you recognize a rogue moving company?

Rogue movers rarely agree to an on-site inspection before giving an estimate, and they often request a large deposit before the move. They also tend to answer the phone with a generic term like “moving company” rather than an individualized company name.

2. Research Moving Companies

Finding a reliable Barrie moving company may take a bit of homework on your part, but it’s achievable. Compare the prices and customer satisfaction levels of different moving companies, and you should be able to make an informed decision more easily.

3. Book Your Move Early

The longer you wait to book your move, the fewer options will be available. Booking in advance is the best chance to lay out all the details exactly as you want them. If possible, book at least two months in advance, especially if you plan to move on a weekend.

4. Plan Ahead

In every aspect possible, strive to be forward-thinking. Pack non-essentials in advance and schedule all aspects of your move ahead of time. This leaves you the highest amount of flexibility to deal with inevitable surprises along the way.

5. Get In-Home Moving Estimates

Asking for an estimate in advance allows you to plan your move financially. Always request an estimate from a reliable long-distance moving company before committing to their services. This practice will also allow you to compare rates between companies.

6. Downsize

The less you own, the less there is to move. Take your move as an opportunity to downsize and declutter. It will make every aspect of your move easier in the long run, and it is also surprisingly cathartic.

7. Consider Furniture Placement Locations

Knowing where you wish to place the heavy furniture within your new home is a logistical step which can make your entire move less strenuous. Make the task of moving this furniture as efficient as possible by planning things well in advance. It will save time, energy, and money.

8. Label Boxes

Planning is vital, so labelling boxes is a fundamental part of an organized move. It will keep everybody on the same page so you know where your belongings are and in which room the box should be placed. Colour coding boxes by room is a fantastic labelling technique, for example.

9. Know Your Rights

This step is crucial if you have any problem with the moving company that you’ve hired. Know all your rights as a client when it comes to delays, damage to your property, or any other conflict which should be covered by the company’s terms and conditions.

10. Move-in the Offseason

Moving during the offseason usually results in cheaper rates and more flexible scheduling. Take advantage of the perks it brings if you have the option to move during fall or winter.

11. Moving Expenses are Tax Deductible

You have nothing to lose by taking advantage of tax-deductible moving expenses. Keep all your receipts as proof of what you spent and be sure to declare your moving expenses when the tax return comes around.

12. Get Acquainted with your New Area

Naturally, you’ll want to know a bit about where you’re moving to before you commit to the area. Take the time to get to know your new neighborhood before you move there. Know where landmarks, shops, and restaurants are located, so that you’ll be somewhat oriented upon moving out of province.

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